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Best Paper Awards 2016

Best Research Paper

Asst. Prof. Moustafa Bayoumi
Helwan University

Prof. Kai Wang
University of Iowa

Prof. Michael T.C. Liang
California State Polytechnic University

Best Student Paper 2016

Best Student Paper

Ms. Lo Sze Wan
Tung Wah College
Hong Kong

Mrs. Norazlin Binti Mohamad
Universiti Teknologi MARA

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Workshop on “Health professionals - Creating (and selling) Your Value Proposition” by Prof. Susan Nancarrow      |      Submit your papers for Panel Discussion on “The Future Health Workforce in Global Health: Innovations to Meet Future Need”, chaired by Prof. Susan Nancarrow

Selected Paper Submissions for Oral Presentation at GHC 2017 (as at 27 April 2017)

Saving A Life In Front Of My Eyes- Salifome
Telepathology In West Africa: Reality For The Diagnosis Of Cancer And Other Diseases.
The Butterfly’S Struggle: Promoting Student Compassion And Understanding Of The Global Determinants Of Health Through The Academic Clinical Experience
The Effect Of Nursing Skills Demonstration Videos On Student’S Learning Experience And Practical Test Results
Comparison Between Pranayama Exercise And Breathing Control On Cardiovascular Function And Pulmonary Function In Individual Low Physical Activity
Health Profile Of Women Having Postpartum Heamorhage At Al Mansoura University Hospita L
University Nursing Students’ Hand Hygiene Knowledge, Practices, Compliance And Beliefs: A Cross-Sectional Study
How Can We Measure Physicians’ Responsiveness: Development And Validation Of A Psychometric Scale In Rural Bangladesh
Safe Sex: The Impact Of Hiv On Msm In China And Thailand
Knowledge And Attitude Toward Health Insurance Of Migrant Workers In Construction Sites In Hanoi, Vietnam 2016
Nigerian Medical Students And Migration: Their Views And Aspirations To Migrate After Graduation.
Structuring A Nursing Professional Development Department Through Role Delineation
Management Of Diabetes In Longterm Care And Skilled Nursing Facilities: A Position Statement Of The American Diabetes Association
Effect Of Two Relaxation Methods Of Touch On Preterm'S Behavoiral Reaction
Psycho- Social Learning Environment From Nurse Students Perspective
Developing The Health Service Management Workforce In Asia Pacific – What Do We Know, What Have We Achieved, And Moving Forward.
Associations Between Dietary Behavior, Nutrient Intake, And Nutritional Status In Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis
Health Insurance Claims And Denials: An Indian Perspective
The Establishment Of Predictive Models Of Important Factors Affecting Malnutrition In Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis
Effect Of Pranayama Practice On Essential Hypertension
Exploring The Influence Of "Love&Care" Bedside Boards On The Nurse-Patient Relationship
Exploring Risk Factors In Facial Basal Cell Carcinoma Excision Using Logistic Regression For The Prediction Of Reconstruction Needs
Performance Evaluation Of It Intervention In Inpatient Medical Materials Charging: Experience In A Regional Teaching Hospital In Taiwan
Incidence Of Childhood And Adolescent Cancers In Uganda
An Assessment Of Services Provided By Heaalth Fairs (Posyandu) In Malang, Indonesia
Analysis Of Relationship Between Associate Degree Student’S Self-Confidence In Learning And Their Perceived Presence Of 5 Instructional Design Characteristics
Chronic Visceral Pain And Functional Diseases

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